Bel's Coding Shop! {OPEN}

Are you in need of someone to help you spot direct a scene, code a minigame, template, or just coding help in general? Well I’m here to help! I am Belpix, and I’m here to help with your donacode dreams (or nightmares)!

However, I have a few things you should know before you ask me to help…

  1. I am a human, not a robot!
    I can not complete a request within a couple of minutes. If it is complex, it will most likely take me 10 minutes to an hour… and that’s if I get started on it right away. Expect me to take my time to give you what you want. I will try to get it to you as fast as I can, but I may be busy at that time.
  2. I can decline requests
    Okay, okay, I most likely won’t decline your request. However, if your request is impossible, then I will have no choice but to decline it. After all, I am doing this for free!
  3. I do NOT make overlays/backgrounds
    Have your overlay/background ready before you request something from my shop. My time is valuable, and other people are most likely going to be requesting! I don’t have time to wait for you.

Request form:
What do you need made? (minigame, template, complex scene, etc.)
When do you need it by?
Specific thing you need made: (example: I need a fight scene with multiple outcomes)
Anything else?
Now that you’ve read my requirements, you can request! To make sure you’ve read them, use this password “PinkFloyd


  1. Two minigames for @Sunset_Shimmer
  2. One minigame for@TamiRose


More questions? Don’t be afraid to ask!
I can make script templates, too, just PM me!

Happy Coding! -Belpix


bump cause sis’ shop is lookin dry

Hi! I don’t understand timed choices, point Systems or anything in that matter :woman_facepalming:t2:
And I need a mini Game… If you’re willing to help…
So I’m a lazy person so all my characters have only 2 letters in their script name… So…
(It’s INK btw. I hope you work with INK too…)
I’ve tried for about an hour to make something like a fighting minigame, but I don’t even know where to start. I have 2 characters - PU and AA
They’re fighting…
So PU is the Main character, And I want a minigame where she fights AA And depending on The choices they make, she either wins or loses… Can you help me?

Definitely! I enjoy INK better than Limelight, so I’ll be glad to help. Can you tell me what you specifically need? After that, maybe I can teach you how advanced choices work :wink:

Also, do you know the password?

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So male character AA doesn’t believe that PU is as good as she says, so he wants to fight her on his own.
I know how remembering choices work, so all I need is to somehow remember if she beat him or not, Like, if she did, she gains his respect, if not, well… Then he won’t respect her.

Like, timed choices Doddge, punch, slap
Like, NARRATOR says beforhand, if he is in this position:
@AA faces right AND AA is idle_punch
He will punch
If he is in this position:
@AA faces right AND AA is idle_wounded
He won’t be able to dodge.
If he is in this position:
@AA faces right AND AA is talk_fightstance
He’s expecting a punch.

So when he does the 1st one, you have to dodge
When he does the 2nd one, you have to punch
When he does the 3rd one, you have to slap.

I hope that makes sense…

Yeah! So you want it to be timed and there are three options each time, which are all dodge, punch, and slap. What if you do questions about your story instead of dodge, punch, and slap to see if the reader was paying attention :wink:

Also, you don’t want labels, correct? This means that the reader cannot retry the minigame to win.

I personally hate that stuff so… No thanks :sweat_smile:

Yeah! No labels :innocent:

Gotcha! I’ll start working on it now. Do you want three possible points during the minigame? Also, if the reader gets 2/3, would they win or lose? I’m thinking lose because AA would get 1/3 of the points and PU gets 2/3, and ultimately, 2/3 is greater than 1/3, so PU would win. Is that okay with you?

I was thinking maybe more? Becasue if there’s just 3 times the timed choice happens, it’ll pass really quick. But yeah The one who gains more points wins

Gotcha. How many questions are you thinking? If you have too many, it would be too repetitive for the reader. Also, if it is an even number, you could give them a draw.

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9 maybe?

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Gotcha! Sorry for all the questions. I’ll work on it now!

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Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver!

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Oh, also, would you like me to add dialogue or would you like to add it?

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I’ll add it! Thank you so much!

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Hi! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you’re still coding, I’d like to ask for 2 minigames. Would you like me to write the details here or through PM?

Either would work! I just finished @WolfyLover247’s the other day, so I’m free now.


Alright. I’ll just write it here then :wink:

The first minigame is like a moving the objects away to find the object you need. I’m sorry if I’m not explaining it right.


Here are the overlays needed. It should be a change of clothes, a closed map, 2 water bottles and 3 of the meal bars.
So, the black bag has all the items inside so you just have to click on the objects until you find the closed map, if that makes sense?
If you want you can have it so the map is open/opens once you click the correct item.



The second minigame is a fighting minigame. There are two characters involved.
Script Name: MC
Display Name: FIONA
Display Name (OPPONENT): DIEGO

Background & Overlays

If you need a background you can use this one:

These overlays are also optional lol. If you’re unsure about it you don’t have to use them.
pv1_back_HEALTH1_4624231523745792_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c pv1_back_HEALTH2_5424088249335808_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c pv1_back_HEALTH3_5829550979481600_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c pv1_back_HEALTH4_6019111642791936_3ae930d34cd367f5607524603b534f9c

There can be at least 4 rounds/choices. There are no weapons so you can use defensive moves (dodge, duck, block, etc.) and offensive moves (kick, punch, slap, jab, etc.). The only thing is no matter what choices the reader makes I want the MC to lose. This is because I’ll have the story continue on another way after the MC loses. What I mean by lose is after the game finishes just let the opponent hit the MC or something and have her fall/faint.

You can design the game however you like as long as the MC knows when to dodge or strike.

If you need more information, please let me know. :cherry_blossom:

Okay, I have a few questions. Do all of the objects have to be found, or just the map? If all of the objects, do you want the map to be last?

For the second one, is your story in INK or Limelight? I assume Limelight from the clothes from the first one.

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  • Just the closed version of the map needs to be found and you can put it last if you want. Just not first.
  • Yes, the story is in Limelight.