Benefits Adding Gem Choices

I wanted to ask what the benefits are of adding gem choices if you are not apart of writer payments program. Does it do anything for you?

it doesnt do anything you just wont be paid! but you can add a gem choice at the end saying if you want the reader to support you!

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I’m gonna quote Melani3

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Hi It will influence your ranking in the trending section - if your reader like your gem choices and make a lot of them it will bring you higher in ranks even if you do not have that many reads - so basically you will rank higher with the same number of reads if your readers will make gem choices.

My story was usually ranking between 40-70 in fantasy. Not it is ranking 4-15 because I got a decent amount of gem choices - and the higher the story is the more likely new readers will try it so I have thanks to the higher ranks noticed also boos in the reads amount - even I am not in payment section it helped my story to be more seen.

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