Bereft RP Sign Up


I’ll try and find something :slightly_smiling_face:


@Art3Miss I found some! I found one for both characters in the correct style, I’m sorry for any inconvenience I caused before :joy:
Savannah’s FC-
Mason’s FC-


Its okay.


I’m joining for both :slight_smile:


Hi don’t mean to be a bother but can you please change amora’s faceclaim to this.



Sure :slight_smile: I’ll do it as soon as I can.


Thank u


@Art3Miss did you get my characters?


I’ll check, sorry I’ve been quite busy :slight_smile:


It’s okay I just wanted to be sure it was sent becuase it happened a day ago in another RP that my info was lost so I gave it up


I did get your character :slight_smile: ! I’ll add them to the FC soon.


Yay I love seeing my chars in the FCs … I especially love this fair folk dude I made. Maybe it’s the fact he reminds me of the 9th doctor (WHO I LOVED BTW , too bad he only stayed for one season, :cry:) but I like him the best out of all the chars I made … There’s just something about that painting that pulls me in …


Hey your character Andrea Pongo’s FC isn’y showing up for me, so…


Okay I’ll send it here just I have to finish something for the other FCs becuase I have too many tabs open


I know the feeling of having too many tabs open.


Deciding which one you could close and which one couldn’t be reached easily is just … ugh


@Art3Miss here you go…


I’m pretty sure the FC has to be a form of realism drawing, not cartoonish


Anyone got an idea when we’ll start :blush:


Ah I plan on starting it today sometime; but I have work in a little bit so I can’t upload the offical thread or anything until I get back home. I promise it’ll be sometime today though.

@Zabica, Herman is correct, I had forgotten to tell you so thank you @HermanEpisode for mentioning that :slight_smile: