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There many great authors on Episode with great directing, character interaction, etc. Lady Dianna, Michaela Bri, Saige Mercer, Miss Mj, Jasmin Dee… are all great authors with great stories. Then there are stories alone such as Revenge Daddy, Not Interested, The Tutor, Read My Lips… and so on. Are there any other super great fantastic stories any of you recommend? (Not classic).


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Blake by idk


You should read Our Never Ending War…


Legacy by Natasha Hills
Apartment 143 by Natasha Hills
Billionaire Baby Daddy by Charmian C.
The Ruby Tiara by Wincy
Sundosia by Susannah
Maid For You by Alex Light
If Only He Knew by Lacey Cass
Mr. Anonymous by Cassie
Swap by Hanna K.M.
Touch of Betrayal by Kshitija

There are more, but these are my favorites. :3


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Revenge Is Best Served With…
Just for Him


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