Best Characteristics for Love Interests?

Hey everyone! I’m writing my very first thriller story called “Phelia”. I have a very consistent type for my love interests, but I know I’m very different from other people, and I also want to add some diversity. I would like to know your inputs and your types as well! I will work it into the MC’s dates and her official love interest. Please share the best characteristics for love interests in an episode story!

Are you mostly referring to physical characteristics or psychological and personality characteristics?

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I mean psychological and personality characteristics.

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I love it when LIs have a mysterious past. I also like them to be funny and flirty, but also emotionally guarded

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Yes! That’s exactly what I’m going for with the LI.

I’m speaking for romantic dynamics as a whole, but I’ll just refer to MC’s and LI’s 'cause that’s just easier :joy:

I like LI’s who can contrast the MC very well, physically or psychologically, or both.
Let’s say if the MC is physically lacking, then the LI can be strong; if the MC is book smart, then the LI can be a little bit slow at studying. Very cliche, I know, but that kind of dynamic is the best, that’s why everyone uses it.
But it’s more than just making them polarizing. Sometimes you can have them sharing the same traits: both are witty; both share a pessimistic world view; both love spicy foods, etc…
Most importantly, mix and match. Don’t just make them pure fire and ice. A romantic dynamic should be random whereby the characters learn how to love each other for their similarities and differences.

Or if you’re an adventurous writer who wants to write a memorable ex (I mean, I do write one myself but I won’t say mine’s the best… :sweat_smile:) without falling into the overused “cheating” type, you can have a dynamic that went wrong in the past (or even happening).
For example: an argument that was never resolved; growing apart and having different paths in life; the lack of understanding for each other that caused them to separate further…


Oooo yes! Thank you, you just gave me so many good ideas to add into my story.

I personally like LIs with a sense of humor and charisma. Total “excuse my charisma” vibes. Forget cold, hard, stoic love interests. I also like it when they’ve got a few relatable traits and interests, like a very particular and uncommon food preference, for example.

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I’m not sure if you’re still taking suggestions, but I’d love to see more male LIs that aren’t afraid of the female body! Male ignorance is often used as a tool for writing jokes, so it gets pretty annoying fast.

As for female LIs, a lot of the ones I’ve seen on Episode tend to be sassy and sometimes even rude, I’d love to see some female LIs that aren’t as sassy/rude.

Lastly, please don’t use miscommunication/misunderstandings as a plot device. Communication and trust are essential for having a healthy relationship, but so many stories on the app choose not to have their characters communicate.

I hope you got the inspiration you’re after! : )

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