Best completed limelight stories?!

I just bought unlimited passes and now I need some stories to read.

They must have good directing, grammer, impactful choices.

I don’t care about the genre and it doesn’t have to have cc.

Edit: I should have said this sooner: I don’t like earlgraytea’s writing its too easy to predict. But thank you for the suggestion.
Thanks Lana Augustine


The dragon bride, by earlgreytea
My alien lover, by Anyanka
Dirty little secrets, by Cindy Gaultier
Running from reality, by Steele Magnolia

Those are all completed, but I have other suggestions of non-completed stories!


The Earl and I by Dean Rivers

  • Austentatious - E.R. Gurney

  • Always - Earlgreytea

  • The Doberman LL - Meesza

  • Austentatious by E.R. Gurney (RECOMMEND 100%!)
  • 7 Friends (180+ Endings) by ??? sorry forgot
    Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy Gualtier

Galactic Game by Lucky.
Running from Reality by Steele Magnolia.

I can’t think of any others that are completed right now… but I’ll add more once I remember.


Galactic game
The dragon bride

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any preferred genres?

Galactic game

Lovely one and toothbrush are not complete but they are amazing


You would love The Don by Havinthana G.!
She is so sweet & amazing. :wink:


There’s not really any cliche mafia in it since there hasn’t been any mafia scenes so far.
The MC is a smart, empowering Black female!

I love her! The directing is flawless too!

It’s really unpredictable. :joy:

There’s this one scene that actually made me laugh. It’s the only story to do that lol.


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So… I wrote that short story:). I’m really proud of it and I hope you will check it out. But I have to admit that it doesn’t have choices, since int’s a narrative short story. But it’s woth a try💕.

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HopeMoon has great stories!

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I’m in love with the Doberman by Meeza (in limelight and ink)

I like stories without choices.

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Its too cliche for me.

Murder Mansion by Suelita
The Vets Heart by Grace Collins
My Alien Lover by Anyanka
Running Away from Reality by Steele Magnolia
Someday Soon by LalaWrites
The Earl and I by Dean Rivers
Anticipation, Participation by Jasmine Lilac
Her Books, His Billions by J.J
The Hollywood Scandal by Cindy Gaultier
My Best Investment by Margo Vincent
These are some complete limelight stories that I have enjoyed.

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Great then :heart_eyes:!

Hi :slight_smile: if you go on my profile on the episode app I recommend a lot of Fully Released Limeligth stories. My user name is Sky89 :slightly_smiling_face: