Best Directed Scene You've Seen In An Episode Story?



What are some of the best directed moments you’ve ever seen on the app?

I’m not talking about stories as a whole per se - just a singular moment in a story that was visually appealing, unique and complicated, and really stood out to you. What happened in the scene? Did the author use overlays? Captivating filters? Did they time animations very well? Layer a background in an interesting way?

One of my favorite scenes that I’ve seen on Episode was the volcano eruption scene in Natural Selection by @SolarNebula23

What’s a scene that snatched your edges?

Note: Please don’t use this feed to recommend your own work, rather spotlight specific scenes you saw and were impressed or inspired by. :heart:


Pretty much the entire story “H&V: Blurred Lines” but in particular, I loved the scene where one of the deviants with lightning powers (or something? my memory is atrocious, but that’s what it looks like) raises her arms and levitates. The use of overlays in this scene was mind boggling.


Not to sound like a kiss-up, but I really liked @MiraTimesTwo’s Reputation. Especially that very funny scene with Chanel’s donut impulses (the one which she finished the whole box in one sitting). The scene just looked so smooth.

Also, I’ve also admired Haunted:Shroud and Mentality as well, the former a bit more for their stories and overlay use.


HONESTLYY that scene was iconic! I can only imagine the time it took and still shook till to this day and mad curious at how many overlapped overlays that took - ugh bless you @thesktales


Ahahaha no I guess that’s still within the rules - thank you!
YESSSSS Haunted: Shroud had such great scenes - especially the faceless ghost overlays combined with the sound effects gave me nightmares ahh–also haven’t read Mentality but definitely checking that out!


One of my favorite scenes to this day is in @Antika horror story “Haunted: Brook”. There’s a scene where the ghost is writing on the window and the whole thing is just eery and stunning at the same time! Her directing always blows my mind and that scene must have taken her so long to create!


Okay, the story is like . . . a super hero one. I know it’s two words - five episodes & won the directing award by the Episode Awards.

The zooms / flashing lights / actions when the girls transform is just like. . . woah . . . just like in the T.V. shows.


Oooooh yes I loved that scene!


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: thank you! but it’s just a bunch of backgrounds appearing for a few seconds… But yes I had to take a video of me writing one a steamy mirror (app) and turn the video into pictures and upload each as a background :joy: sorry to take away the magic :see_no_evil:


Yes, you should read Mentality, it’s a pretty good psych horror story. I’m always amazed at any story which uses overlays and such for mirrors.


It’s still a super impressive scene regardless! :heart_eyes: and still had to take quite some time to do!


6h if I remember correctly :smiley:


Read Mentality and the mirror scenes were super, super good and worked with the internal conflict really well too – inspiring me!


Damn, definitely added to my list and reporting back here - this scene sounds amazing!


Ahh, might be Dating Games or Admit One? Read both and they both had really cool cinematic directing and unique use of overlays with magic and cracked screens :fire:


:see_no_evil:hope you’ll enjoy the story too. Thank you :sparkling_heart:


nope, neither of those.


I really love the scene in Wasted Roses where Rose, Grandpa Ed, and Drew go fishing… those rod overlays, the spot directing in the fishing boat… there’s a screenshot of it on my Instagram story highlights in the section ‘Stories I’m Reading.’ :slight_smile:

This isn’t a particular scene, but in The Definition of Happiness, the spot directing for background characters is AMAZING!!! The story’s a gem as well.

In Envy, when the MC cries and tears roll down her face… :open_mouth:

And who can forget the amazing scenes in Reputation where the characters are watching TV? It looks so real! And the Mars awards when they were showing the nominees best performances… but seriously, you had me at the scene when young Mia was watching Beatriz Santiago in her living room. Wow! :sunglasses:


Truth. I also loved that part of Reputation.


Every scene Uwe created… They are mind-blowing :crazy_face: