Best Directed Stories?

I do have other stories in mind, but Shrew by Amber J. and Power Trip by Jewels have been my favourite stories by far that have both impeccable directing and storytelling. What stories are in your list within this criteria?


Someone Else’s Hero by Nala.

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To me it’s Nine tale
It has really good visual elements with really good directing n story.
I was really impressed when I read it’s first chapter.

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Without you by Georgia Sanders

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  • The Lake by J. Miley
  • Watch my Six by Laila C
  • War Dogs by Kayla Sloans
  • The Unwanted by Evilyn
  • Daughter of Shadow by Silver Lady

More to come!


Aw, thanks so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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dead or alive by sargym.ep
rogue by blaise
watch my six by laila c
the clockwork hearts by khrema
portal in the sky by valkillree

Armed Shots by Laura
Under Pressure by EpisodePeach and RachelonEpisode
Quillrun by MJ
Laundry Shop by Funeral Cats
Sinful Summer by JJ.Author & Smoothtrooper_Art
Serein by Justine

Sleepless nights by @nellyy.epi
Finding Emerald by Sarah Kieser
Seeker by @khrema.episode

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there are many, but those have absolutely mindblowing directing imo:

  • Scorned by Amber J (ongoing)
  • The Wall by J Miley (completed)
  • Therapeutical by Funicidal (discontinued but said to be brought back in LL shortly)
  • Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni (unsure whether it will be continued at this point)

I also have a list to appreciate the hardwork of all the amazing authors out there !!! :yay::blob_hearts:

  • Ghost Project: Rogue-7 by Nova Adams Carter
  • Icarus by Archangel
  • Apocalypse Survival by Hugueth and epiinterartist
  • Escape from Stetyca by Covefefe
  • His Name Is Rain by Mary D Sava
  • L.O.S.T by Mary D Sava
  • The Infected by Caitoriri
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