Best Disney Show

What’s your favorite disney show?
That’s so raven was the best!


I’m a big Disney fan, but honestly I feel like the shows I connected to the most were Wizards of Waverly Place and Kim Possible.


Oh man I loved Lizzie McGuire and That’s so Raven


gravity falls. and kim possible


Camp Kikiwakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Descendants Series
Tangle series
Lilo n Stich Series
tarzan series
HTTYD Series

lol I cant remember some Disney, I either am mixed up with Disney and nickelodeon lol shows but Zoey 101, I Carly, are nickelodeon.


im not sure if Polly Pocket Is on Disney…hmmm im mixed up with a lot of shows but dang memories and CHILDHOOD!!!

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Kim Possible and The Proud Family were my favorite cartoons, I also really loved Recess, American Dragon: Jake Long, Pepper Ann, Sabrina the Animated Series, Brace Face and Dave the Barbarian.

As far as live action I was into That’s So Raven, Phil of the Future, Lizzy Maguire, Even Stevens, Boy Meets World and So Weird.


Proud family
Kim possible
that so raven
Phil of the future
Lizzie McGuire
The Suite Life
Dave the Barbarian
Even Stevens
Sister Sister
Lilo & Stitch
Milo Murphy’s Law
The Replacements
The Buzz on Maggie
American Dragon: Jake Long
The Emperor’s New School
Cory In The House
Wizards of Waverly Place
A.N.T. Farm
The Little Mermaid TV Show
Aladdin TV Show
Hercules TV SHow
Teacher’s Pet
Sabrina: The Animated Series
My Babysitter’s a Vampire
Lab Rats
Zeke and Luther
Mighty Med
Mr. Young

Anyone else think Nickelodeon had better cartoons?

  1. That’s So Raven

  2. Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  3. Lizzie McGuire

  4. Proud Family

  5. Kim Possible

  6. Recess

  7. Lilo & Sitch the series

  8. Even Stevens

  9. Phil of the Future

  10. House of Mouse

My top 10. Honorable mentions to American Dragon Jake Long, Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, and etc. Late 90s to early 2000s disney was the best. The last show I enjoyed on there was Gravity Falls, and I think Raven’s Home is pretty cute. I’m not into the other shows they currently have. I just watch old shows and the movies on Disney Plus.

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If we’re going by best cartoons for me it is hands down Cartoon Network

Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd and Eddy, Powerpuff Girls, Grim Adventures, Dexters Lab, Codename: Kids Next Door, Teen Titans, Class of 3000, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, Flapjack, Scooby Doo, Pokemon

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CN was just cartoons so I don’t think it’s in the same category as the other two. Between Disney and Nickelodeon, the two big kids networks offering both live action and cartoon kids programming, I would say Disney won on the live front but Nick had the better cartoons.

That’s So Raven it’s the future i can seeeee

I am not that much into Disney honestly, but my favs were Gargoyles and Gummibears. Yepp, I am old. Kim Possible is also nice. :sunglasses:

suite life, wizards of waverly place, thats so raven, kim possible, good luck charlie, jessie


Oh yesssss!! I forgot about Suite life. Love that show

And Good Luck Charlie was good too

Hannah Montana, The suite life and my favorite anime of all time: Cory In The House

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A lot are good on their own, there isn’t really any best imo.

Boy Meets World x :100:

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