Best episode story you have read?


I’m in desperate need of a good, well written story with good characters and a great story. Can be ink or limelight, it doesn’t matter. Preferably a story i might not have heard of. The best stories I’ve read have been ones that aren’t that popular.
Thank you, loves!!:kissing_heart:


My bad boys :sunglasses:



My Psycho


Speak by J.Miley


Dead 7 by Kayla Sloans


If you want some underrated story I can recommend reading

  • The next stage by Lisa. P (romance and comedy)

  • Utopia by Weber (about mental health, really interesting one)

  • Love has no color by Brenda Adams

  • Revival by Grace S (action,romance)

  • Her… by Diamond <3 (romance, comedy and super underrated, I love this story so much)


This is a list of the best stories I’ve read on Episode :slight_smile:
Back & Forth by earlgrey (that one is my favorite):purple_heart:
Love Is A Drug by Anneka Moon :purple_heart:
Hello Stranger (also really great story):purple_heart:
The Bet :purple_heart:

And maybe my silly story Last Dance :heart:


My psycho
Meet the Adams


Soooooo many good reads lol but I’ll say
The stripper by shadow
Fake love true love
Royal baby
Pregnant by the killer


Thank you all for your great suggestions! I’ll be sure to check them out :heart:


Chain Reaction by Miss MJ


Omg I love My psycho so much!!!


my psycho is da best :hearts::hearts:


The Ruby Tiara by Wincy Wong
Nanny for a year by Joe Sanchez
Affair on Air by Meila Summers


Three words…
It’s THE best story I’ve ever read. Choices actually matter, the directing is beautiful, and the plot is just MAGNIFICENT. It’s one of those stories where you actually feel like you’re living in that world as you’re reading it. I was hollering through the whole thing, I was so invested lmao. Def check it out!!!


Rich AF
The Sabotage Stepladder
Best Seller
Villain Rehab

All don’t have that many reads but are such good stories!


Attracted to the nerd its so adorable one of my faves.


Thank you so much <3 <3 <3