Best Fantasy Stories!

Hi everyone! So I am a fantasy enthusiast so here are some of my current favorites! (All stories are limelight)

Thick as Thieves: by spiegelstories

Moonlit Feathers: by Wincy W. (comes in both ink and LL)

Where I belong: by Ingrid s. (I binged all the episodes in two days I love it)

The Wall: by J. Miley

Magicka: Clubhouse of the Cursed: by spiegelstories

Magicka: Bound to Bite: by Arrows

Cursed Evil Love: by Sophookles

The Darkness Within: by Jess Fox

These are my current favs!! If anyone knows of other stories that are similar to any of the above please let me know! :wink:


Maybe you can try mine, it’s dark fantasy.

If you would read it, I appreciate every feedback, thanks!

Solis: Regnum Fortes by Aedus
Magicka: The Ten by Tal Gordin
Behind The Wall by Khrema
Magicka: The Clockwork Hearts by Khrema
Your Silhouette by Anya

As much as I’m not much of a fantasy fan, seeing my fav story at the top of your list made me want to share a few that I enjoy :relaxed:


College of eternity is pretty good. :slight_smile:

You can try mine as well. It falls under the fantasy genre. Mainly realistic but dark fantasy that focuses more on the traditional Asian world. Try it out who knows it might be to your liking :). If not, it is alright as well :slight_smile:

~ An Asian fantasy-reality story of humanity, freedom and hope, aftermaths and consequences, test and trials, past, present and future, light and darkness, discovering oneself, friendships and kinships, leadership and truth. ~

Title: © :sunny: Tribe of Malapinchi (Original) ☽
Author: Jannah Jackson
Story Description:
Tales of the Old Asians warned that WW2 scars still plagued the exotic-cursed tribe in the mythical land within the Pacific Ring of Fire at East South East Asia. The land of Sun, light & black magic, lies and dark secrets. Can you survive, solve the havoc, cleanse and heal, save and free everyone before it’s too late? Or die in vain?
FullCC/Choices Matter/MiniGames/Tappables
Genre: Realistic-Fantasy(Dark Fantasy)/Mystery/ Adventure/Thriller/Horror
No. of Episode Chapters: 10 (S1)

Cover (With symbolic meanings of the cover inside the story too)

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The best ones I’ve read:

Magicka: Ad Eternum by Nari
Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX
Death’s Game by earlgreytea
Academy of Magic by CharmDoll


Most of my favourites are mentioned here already but I’ll say:

Magicka: Black Heliconia by Kheyr - this one is VN style using limelight assets but there’s literally nothing else like it on the app and I highly recommend reading it.


My favorites:

Magicka: Soulless by tldax

  • male Mc, with point system. About vampires, your character can play as the love interest. Full cc for that with name MC

my own story:

Ophetine and the 5 tasks.

  • Magical shelf ’20
  • Best adventure, HA. Awards and Episode spring awards.
  • Pointsystem

Magicka: The power of Music

  • male, generic female or plus-size female MC choice.
  • male / female love interest.
  • full CC for mc and love interest
  • point system
  • Advanced directing.
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Some finished fantasy stories that I loved:
-Secret of the Rain
-Exocsculation- Choose your King
Unfinished stories:
-Blind to Blood
I’m not a big fantasy reader, but I do like the genre and there are a lot of really good stories in the genre :blush:

I love “The Raven” by <3

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I loooove Thick as Thieves and Spiegel’s work. I think you would like Black Heliconia by Kheyr as well.


I wrote a fantasy story! Hope you check it out!
I am always open for tips etc :slight_smile:
Title: Ring of life
Author: emma.writes.episode

Yessss, Moonlit Feathers is amazing!

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Heya! Here’s my story Blind To Blood

Currently working on episode 6. It’ll be published this week. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX is definitely the best fantasy story, in my personal opinion :black_heart: I dunno know if it’s similar to the stories above, but it’s an amazing story!

I’m a bit biased bc I’m a big fan of earlgreystories, but I feel her fantasy stories are underrated when compared to her hits “I married a billionaire” and “always” (a.k.a. “protect me”) I feel she’s really improved after those two.

  1. I Married a Knight
  • this is a lovely one that’s ongoing, I relate more to this MC bc she’s actually trying to achieve her dreams through her career, but is sucked into this whole mess of things that she doesn’t quite understand, but pulls through it in the best way that she can.
  1. The Dragon Bride
  • Independent MC gives me life. She’s a bit reckless, but overall has a good heart and mentality, and goes after what she wants regardless of what crap she got herself into UNINTENTIONALLY, and realizes she’s somehow managed to be the next dragon bride. I gotta give her a hand, she’s an absolute trooper through and through.
  1. The Siren’s heart
  • For the most part, the first few episodes do a solid job of world-building and introducing the characters, and the comedy is okay. Also mermaids.
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