Best male ink hair

Hey guys
What is your best ink hair for boys to make them look HOT

I :heart: the unstyled faux hawk .

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Generic short hair (I think it’s called that )
Spiked hair

Short Cropped :blush:

TYSM everyone

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My favourite is Spiked Up Hair, and I just realized I’m using it way too much in my stories. Thank you, I guess :smiley:

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Spiked Up Hair, and the Long Bangs

Short Cropped, Modern Pompadour, and SoCal Flip.

unstyled faux hawk too :heart:

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Short cropped, Generic hair & Modern Popmadour

I love that one, because it’s so gender neutral

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I like Modern Pompadour and Short Cropped Hair the best :+1:

Short Cropped Hair, Modern Pompadour and Spiked up Hair are the best hair styles to make them look Hot.

Cade hairstyles. I like their textures.

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I use Modern Pompadour, Short Cropped Hair, and Boy Bun :joy::joy: