Best Mini Games What You Have Ever Seen?

I need to know some good A.K.A best mini games what you have ever seen!
Please put story with it so I can check that mini game. More info ,Better!

We know that @Amberose made fantastic card game,so… can you leave her out right now? (sorry Amberose :rose:)


The Wall by @J.Miley has some awesome mini-games. Episode 1, you pick and choose what to take on your adventure, and its stored in your inventory for later use and stuff is added later, like a compass and map.



Agent Cinderella by @EliseC and @Mavis

There was this puzzle you had to do to open a door (if I remember right) and I just couldn’t do it at all. Then this scene where you had to unlock a case doing math! And I couldn’t do that either :sob:


Lol I still need to make a post explaining those puzzles :sweat_smile: We get DMs or fanmail almost daily



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I was just going to post people asking the same thing!
Here are some I’ve enjoyed:

  1. Ella has to clean each room thoroughly using tappable overlays- and there’s no going back to rooms you’ve visited- in Revenant by @serenaonepisode
  2. In Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane by @Marshmallow_O, there are tappable overlays that have a few different colored wires and you have to solve the puzzle by tapping them to the right orientation— only then can you get through the door and into the next room! It’s also a mystery story, which makes it intense.
  3. The entirety of RPG by @Himeji. So many fun mini games!!
  4. In UN-DEAD by @alliesepisode, there are a few games where you have to remember things (names, amounts of ingredients, etc.) and one where you have to get raw meat for a character (it’s a zombie story lol) and have to go to certain places in a certain order to take care of it.
    That’s all I can think of— I’ll let you know if I remember more!

Thank you! <3


I need to add a minigame to the next chapter XD I miss coding them!


AWH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ily :cupid::cupid:


Does anyone know where I can get a key puzzle overlay? The key is red and black and I need a puzzle overlay for my story The nine Kings of life.

you ask somebody to make or edit it for you in the art resources