Best overlay scenes in my story (if you need any assistance feel free to msg me)

STORY: Episode Writer Portal

Author: Epyjayx

Story: Wanting You🫶🏽🩷

Genre: Action, romance, psychological (hardcore enemies to lovers it’s amazing😍)

Number of Episodes: 8 (ongoing)

Style: limelight

El receives a photo of her father held captive. By chance, she joins forces with her academic rival to find him, binding them in an inescapable web. So who’s lying?:eyes::white_heart::chess_pawn:


Can i post my favourite screenshot of Wanting You?

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of course you have free range :relieved:🩷

I am going to hell, might as well have fun.

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you did not- :sob::sob::sob::sob: the way the public don’t even know the context of this image LMFAOOOOO

Adds intrigue. Will for sure draw them in :wink:

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i need to post this to my instagram-

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Go right ahead

and tiktok too :sob:

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Thats the biggest hook that will get them readers intrigued.

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breaking news- does kasen like it dirty or are they just having a casual conversation?!?! tune in!

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omg tell me the story has no CC/limited CC :sob: i can’t imagine the work if it does

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fortunately and unfortunately it has no CC (the characters are hot asf anyway LMAOOO)