Best Planning Resource EVER!


I’ve found a website that’s perfect for anyone disorganised like me! It will help your story SO MUCH! Not only does it allow you to store characters, locations, items and universes for free, and it asks you amazing questions that really get you thinking about your story.

I mean, I didn’t think about Anabelle’s weaknesses in The Queen of Freaks until this point! It really makes you think about your characters in new and interesting ways, which just makes you a better writer overall.

If you’re keen like I am, you can pay $9 a month to get races, towns, groups, fauna, religions, languages and a bunch of other things, too… but I think they’re mostly useful for sci-fi and fantasy writers. If you’re a romance or a drama writer, the free pack should have the perfect amount of stuff for you!

Ooh! And for all the keen collaborators out there, IT LETS YOU ADD CONTRIBUTORS!


Writer's Block! What do you do?

Woah!!! tysm


It’s great! Happy writing! :smiley:


The only thing that could make this better for me is if they added family tree and timeline resources!

I also think that the singular feature that would be useful for non-fantasy and sci-fi writers is scenes: you can plan INDIVIDUAL SCENES FOR YOUR EPISODE STORIES AND CHAPTERS!


This is such a nice tool for writers! Thank you so much.


Okay, I am definitely going to check this out! TYSM! Honestly, I’m extremely disorganized, I have so many ideas in my head just floating around and then I get like five new ones when I see something, draw something, watch something, etc. :joy: I’m a mess.


This is awesome tysm


This is a game changer, thank you!!


This is so cool, thank you


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Just giving this a little bump for all the people who haven’t seen it but might find it useful!






This is so good!!! Thanks so much!!!


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No problem! It’s an amazing resource that I want to share with the world!


WOW this is awesome!