Best Program for Making Covers? Please Help!

I guess this is the right category? idk… anyway

I used to make covers, and I want to get back into it, but I was looking into getting a new program. I currently have Adobe Elements 13 which is extremely outdated I think.

I’ve seen really good cover makers use programs like Adobe Photoshop CC or CS6, but I think CS6 is discontinued…

Is Photoshop CC worth the monthly subscription? Are there any programs that are just as good that you can buy directly without a monthly fee? If Photoshop CC is the only good one, which version should I get? Thank you! This is really helpful for me.

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I use medibang
Its not photoshop but It’s good for a free software

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i use ibis paint x which is free and easy to use

I use procreate and it’s great!

I use ibis paint x

If you are asking a question related to Art then the Art Resources section is definitely the correct place :smiley:

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