Best program to make limb overlays?

Before anyone sends me the Linktrees of creators that have already made overlays, just hear me out first, please! Lol!
So I am currently making an art scene where I need a specific limb overlay! I don’t want to use someone else’s because I find it just gets too complicated. You message them, and they never reply to you, then maybe you use it & credit them, and they get mad. You get what I’m saying? I rather just make my own!

I tend to use PowerPoint for limbs, but I just can’t get this one right. I just need program recommendations to get those flawless limbs I always see!


I use Ibis Paint X, it is SUPER user friendly to new users and regular users.

Hey can i get a hand power overlay?

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Sure, message me privately.

GIMP, use that.