Best stories ever read?

Looking for the best recommendations you have to make on episode! Thanks so much for your feedbacks, this quarantine is so boring :frowning: xoxo

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The Wall by J. Miley
Speak LL by J. Miley
Cursed Heart by Amanda Michele
The Game by Amber J. Martin
Through The Worlds by Ksenia
Ten Steps To Her Door by Nelles
The Gamer Girl by Wincy W.
The Ten by Tal Gordon
Dead Roses by Beeble Hope
Dare to Dream by Sarah Robbins


Galactic Game by Lucky
Define Future, Breaking The Royal Kingdom by Ana Stacy
Cetrinda, The Curse of Charlie by Sarah Kieser
Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee
The Vet’s Heart by Grace Collins
Competitive Edge by Piccalilly

Current favorite

College of Eternity by Sophookles

(Idk why I always writes the same stories lol)

Taste the darkness & it’s just an illusion series by Miss Mj
Heavenbound by Nelles
Galactic game & toothbrush by Lucky
The doberman by meezsa
The Art Of Deception by frankii
Dirty little secrets & Envy & Lifelike by Cindy


Fav The New girl by Saige M.
Hunting Bad by HopeMoon.
Envy by Cindy.

Is there a particular genre or style you like?

I love fantasy

In that case:

  • Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX
  • Ticket to Heaven by Love S
  • Black Heliconia by Kheyr
  • Look at the Bite Side by Jo The Writer
  • And in time… by Atreus
  • Transcendent by Liyah

The Shadows
It’s one of my fav stories

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The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
Moonlit Feathers by @wincyyellow
Wings of Light by @How_Novel
Why Today? by @nuz.epi
Poison by @SpookySherry
War Dogs by @Kaylas.epi
Evanescence by epy.sophia (I think?)
Black Heliconia by @kheyrwrites
Speak by @J.Miley
Scorned by Amber J.
Heal Me by
Thin Blue Line by @Eysenck


Also the infected.

Tysm :heart:

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Dress coded
Intoxicate me
Jaded love
Criminal Desires
The Rockstar Next door
Eternal Flame
Falling for mr. Jerk
Home Run

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Thank you! :relaxed:

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College of eternity
His name is Rain
Behind the wall
Bite my tongue
Eat me up
The clockwork hearts
Heavy hearts
Where I belong
Save our souls
Thick as thieves
Clubhouse of the cursed
Bound to bite
Blind to blood


ofnhsushs I’m super late but thank you!!!

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