Best tips for drawing and free alternative of photoshop

Title - Best tips for drawing and free alternative of photoshop

Hello freinds and welcome to this topic
I made this topic for all those people who need help and are looking for help with art and a photoshop alternative
I woud have made this topic sooner but I was suspended till today.
So today I wanted to share some tips for all of you who are either beginners or advanced
also I will be showing you all a free alternative for photoshop which is not gimp but basically photoshop
So, lets get started with The Art Tips:
These may be harsh but are true
1: Start beleiving in your artwork, Because if you dont, You will give up sooner or later
2. look for flaws in your work.I know I said believe in your aart, that is completely different than flaws. The advantages to seeing flaws in your work will lead you to improve your work
and im sure you will be better.
3. Dont get drooling over your artwork. If you spend too much time fantisizing over your work and drooling on how good it is, stop! this way you will basically
Not moove on to your other peice.
4. Before Finding your art style, Learn Antonomy. If you dont learn antonomy, you will never find your art style, Why?? Without any antonomy, You cant draw hands, face,kegs, body,eyes and whatnot
so without learning antonomy, you will not be able to draw
5. Just decide what you wanna do. Ok this is harsh but either practice or just go find something else to do.
6. Dont get de-motivated easily This is important for anything and everything.This happened to me everytime,I got like a drawing software which was good,but realised I didnt have a drawing tablet
Look for alternativets,there is an aternative for everything.
7. Drawing is not a skill No one is born with skills, but when they practice,they get it. Many very very famous artists drawing before was just horrible and their drawing now is
mesmerising. Practice is the key for everything
8. Don’t have pride You may disagree but this is my opinion. Dont ignore those nice comments on your artworks,instead just reply.This may not be possible if you have a lot of comments
But if you have time, just do, Because pride isnt gonna get you anywhere.
9. Stay Consistent with Your Style If you dont do this ansd switch style every day, You are not gonna improve. You are just gonna be worse.
10. Get inspiration from your favourite artists collect your favourite artist and see their artwork. This will help,you’ll see
11. find your art style
: Make a moodmoard of your favourite artist and observe
: See things that you like and collect those things
: Put all those things you like in a drawing and test if you like it
: Art style takes time, let it come

I will be adding more and please tell me suggestons

Now for the best part
Photoshop alternative
Krita is the best one and free alternative for photoshop

I’m not gonna go blabbing about why photoshop is better than krita
because its Not

  • Why Krita is better:
  • It is easier to use
  • it has better graphics
  • It is free
  • It is basically the same thing as photoshop
  • The colour is amazing

download link:

I will Also reccomed Medibang Paint pro


  • The way it works, You will just fall in love
  • It’s very easy to understand
  • And everything else I said about krita

Download link:


Wha -
why were you suspended :dizzy_face:





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This is a very useful thread! :see_no_evil:

But overall, if you try out new art styles you expand your knowledge on art. This is key to improve your techniques!



Those are useful tips indeed! And, imo, Krita has a lot of advantages over photoshop. For starters, it doesn’t lag half as bad :joy: Also, it does have really nice brushes. I’d say it is the best out of free ones for my taste. Finally, someone mentioned it too :purple_heart:


Thanks for mentioning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: