Best type of stories to read

What is the best types of stories too read
for an example- Mafia stories, vampire, High School drama…

For me, I love dystopian romances

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Best stories aren’t the ones u describe😅 Usually community stories that don’t fall at all into those classifications are better. Cause like break free from those themes to expand and write creatively and differently. Also broadens the mind about other stories. So to me personally the best stories aren’t vampire (twilight carbon copies with differences), mafia (over rated with lots of carbon copy paste stories by other authors trying to follow Chain Reaction series while some even stealing those characters even thus lack of originality. Also chances of misrepresentation, normalising the wrong thing aka mafia are good guys, romantic and will change because of a gurl is not accurate.) and high school drama (severely over rated just watch HSM and Riverdale).

Although these stories are the ones that trend and sell, it doesn’t mean they are the best. It is best for business and profits I mean since they bring in alot of reach and audience attraction especially girls from 10-19 year olds cause of guilty pleasure. But these aren’t usually wholesome stories.

Stories that trend and sell aren’t necessarily the best.


I prefer anything fantasy or romance since they help me escape from my reality but I hardly listened to those genres for my stories since I’m writing a romance story, a drama story and a murder mystery story. So being honest, as long as the story isn’t meant for the horror or thriller categories…then I’ll read it (:


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I’ll read it when I’m next free (I’m currently homeschooling) (:

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Ah ok thank you!

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