Best way to learn the animations? (LL)

hi, i’ve always been an INK writer. but with the limelight features i’ve decided to give limelight a try and i’m writing a story on it. i have a problem though…

how did you guys learn the animations?
i learned INK ones cause there aren’t much of them but limelight does have a lot, so, for limelights writers, how did you do it?

thank u in advance!! :blush:


what do you mean, “learn” them as in remember? If that’s what you’re talking about then

here’s what I do
Basically I have a few of my i guess “mains” the ones that I use a lot so I basically remember those. and once you start scrolling through you’ll know which ones you’re looking for.

Hope this helps! :heart:

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yep, as remember.

it’s just that for ex, i didn’t know there was an animation to pickup something. and as INK has that animation called “reach_kneel” i used the limelight animation for reach, instead of the pickup one. having to do a whole thing for it to work, but if i had remembered it had the animation i needed, i wouldn’t have had to waste time.

i hope that clears out things. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, but there’s always the side bar where you can look at all animations!

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As someone who use to be an INK writer and now writes in LL, the best way I was able to move over was just practice. I know that seems really basic, but I knew that some of the talking animations were the same (like neutral, apathetic) and would use the auto finish when the option was there. I still do talk_gesture for LL sometimes out of habit >.<


I usually type in the animation into the bracket like this talk_, then I scroll down the list that pops up. I go to the side bar as well and type the animation the same way too. I use the animation art catalog to sort of memorise what the aniamtions are and what they look like.

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Just view from the animations category…its all the same process… and see which omes you like :grin::grin::grin:

They mean to learn it quicker/off by heart.

I learn the entire coding by having a bunch of tabs open while I’m writing. I have a tab for the script, a tab for the story itself, a tab to switch between characters and outfits, TWO tabs to switch between backgrounds, overlays, and animations, so I always have 2 of these 3 open at all times to view through and I use the filters. So, like, “standing animations” “happy animations” Take it all a section at a time.

I have other tabs open, too, for research purposes, for the forums, and for other google searches, LOL

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I do the same thing as well. It helped out so much.

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