Best way to make a Minigame? Need advise, please

So in my story coming out soon, there is an option where the MC can join Community College Clubs. In these Clubs you will get points that are used for towards the LI in these Clubs. Its basically like the Persona Social System from those games just a little different.

So like if you join the Basketball team, you will earn points and extra dialogue and bonus scenes with Blake/Michelle (all LIs are gender of choice and you can even choose whom you want in the story with a million flags). You will be able to shoot basketball through a timed hoop and thus gives you points with the character or not.

Theres also the Theatre Club/Acapella Club, so you will be able to earn points and extra dialogue with Asa/Ash. You will have to remember some lines from a song and you will also gain extra points towards this too and extra scenes.

The last one is the Book Club which I am not 100% sure on what would be a good Minigame but also the same with Katherine/Sam. I just thought that the MC could be tapping book pages like fast enough or they could do that one game where each member of the club makes up a mini story. I think that would be cool.

Whats the best way to make a Minigame and am I over my head on how complex this is?

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I’d suggest finding somebody who can help you make a template! I wouldn’t say you’re over your head, it just takes a lot of practice. For the second one, that one can be a bit easier, like an example would be

Sing sing song song

choice “correct lyrics” {

blah blah blah

LI +1

} “Wrong lyrics” {

blah blah blah }

etc etc

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Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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