Best way to make pictures of the characters for posters and covers

:tulip:Hi! I like photo editing and have been doing it for a while now, but the thing I struggle with in episode is making pictures of the characters.:tulip:
I always go to the writer portal and choose one of the actions, then screenshot it when they are doing the action to have a character for my edits, then later I remove the background and stuff.
But then I stick with the problem of having a bad quality picture of the character.
Nomatter what I tried whenever I take that screenshot on the writer portal its bad quality.

I always get forced to just draw the characters because of their quality and I’m not the best drawer so that doesn’t go to well…
I saw other people making covers without having the problem of a low quality character, is there a different way of getting a picture of the character? Whats the best way of making pictures of your characters?

:tulip:Example: This is a poster I’m working on, but the quality of the girl looks horrible, its really fuggy, not HD and it bothers me a lot, it destroys the whole poster’s quality :tulip:


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I had this same problem, especially since I use my iPad To edit/draw
So I started doing some research in good apps:
Best I can recommend is a combination of Procreate and Autodesk Sketchbook
If you’re look for a comp program, I would say Gimp (cuz it’s free)

Here’s a couple of sample pics of mine that edited/drew with Procreate/Autodesk


I have good editing programs, my issue is more getting pictures of the characters in good quality is hard. When I take a screenshot of a character to use that in my photo it comes out blurry, how did you avoid that in your edits?
or did you re-draw the characters?

As long as your transforming it (making it bigger, smaller, longer, etc) your image will blur. If you want to keep it in tact, I suggest just leaving the image as is and giving it a bg but if you need bigger you will have to draw over it, at least in the details (eyes nose, lips, overall black outline).
A method I also use is taking the screenshots using my iPad
The iPad app version gets cutoffs which is why people stray away from using it to read stories but it’s very good for bigger images with higher quality

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Okay thank you soooo much :laughing: this really helped me!


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what app do you use? Alos, would you mind giving me some pointers?

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