Best way to plan out stories

What do you guys do when you plan out your stories? like what helps you stay on track.


I always plan the ending first, like when I was writing my story I planned out how I wanted it to end and how every character will contribute to the ending, then you work on the build up, how will you get there, writing down your bigger points and ideas you have and code it in with adding little details. The small details are really what makes up the story :blob_hearts:

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I’m make sure I plan out the characters first. Each person’s characteristics, looks, and personalities. I then move on to shaping the beginning, middle and the end of the story making sure I establish what the initial problem is in the story. After that I just go with the flow and change things if I want to as I go.

This is for writing stories in general but usually the first thing I do is have one or two pages just filled with random ideas. It’s super messy but it helps with staying organized later. After I finish I usually have some sort of idea of the plot line and type of characters I want so I write my beginning, middle, and end in like a couple sentences and give my characters backstories, connections, etc. Then there’s stuff like different types of conflict, solutions, personal issues, etc.

Yeah, me, too. My best friend and I do stories over messaging apps and we fill a character description template we made, to describe who our characters are and who their family members are, etc. I love when we start the stories after we make the descriptions bc it kinda gives us a backstory to the characters, so we know how to play them by their personalities. :slight_smile:

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I have an idea of what I want to happen (if you have more than 1 season I split my plot into each of them) then I work out how I want it to start and end and then I work out what I want to happen in each individual episode. :purple_heart:

You want to know how your story will end and after that you can plan your story!
Then I write a quick summary.
After that I write a summary for each chapters so I know how my episode will look like.
I think making tables can help you for the characters or anything else! :smile:

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