Best way to start a new story!


Hey everyone, I’m curious to know what makes you continue reading a story ? I’m not sure If I should A)start my story in the middle of the action and do a rewind to catch readers up or B)introduce characters and let them customize first. Let me know what you like or suggest, THNX

Best Way to start off a story


A lot of people (me including) hates character introduction and episodes with customisation only.


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Definitely A. I know sometimes it’s hard to skip the character introduction, but try to show as many things possible in action instead of starting off with a long narration and presenting everyone one by one.
I also prefer when the CC is not at the very beginning of the story. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like customizing without knowing anything of the characters and the story.


What, you don’t like customizing your character at the start of the story, only to find out 5 minutes later that she’s practically identical to another major character?:thinking:


This is also a good point :smile: I was actually thinking about the character’s personality and/or background. I like to know at least a few things about the MC before I decide how I want him/her to look.


Thanks everyone!