Beta/Proofreaders Needed for Story

Hello everyone! I have three chapters finished (working on the 4th right now) of my story Love by Grace, and would like another opinion on it. I plan on publishing it at/around 8-10 chapters. The story is written in Classic. Please message me for the link, or DM me on my instagram @frenchfry.epi.

Story Details

Style: Classic
Genre: Romance
The rekindling of old flames strikes a chord with the employees of a thriving tech company. Especially for Olivia, an ambitious programmer whose plans are disrupted by an old crush. I’m planning to make choices matter towards the latter 1/2 or 3/4 of the story, as well as another romantic subplot. For the most part, though, the storyline is mostly linear.

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I’m happy to read yours if you’re also willing to read mine? I only have 100 lines so far haha… Just looking for some feedback because this will be my first story!

Hi, this will be my first story too! I can help with your story as well. Sent you a message :slight_smile:

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