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My dumba** just deleted the post I made :upside_down_face:

I just finished the first Episode of a new story I’m writing.

Before continuing I wanted to get some input and feedback on my work. and how the story is liked.

Maybe you have some spare time and would like to give me constructive criticism on my ideas and implementation!

Story Title: Summer Storms

Genre: Romance/Drama

Description: Moments ago the sun’s warmth was heating my cheeks, now clouds darken my world. While life has taken its toll on me, can he save me from these heavy summer storms?[BPD, anxiety,CC]

I wrote a very ominous description as I didn’t want to spoil anything. If you think it’s too mysterious let me know!

Please only read the first chapter as chapter 2 and 3 are still work in progress

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal


I’d love to give it a read for you! I will PM my thoughts :))

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Thank you very much!
Also, I just noticed I forgot to actually enter the credits, as of now it only says Hi lol

I’ll be changing the Story link with the credits updated!

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I be happy to give a review, though I can be quite harsh. I do try to be helpfull and point out what I see as mistakes.

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you dont need to change the link, it will still be the same.

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That’s perfectly fine, without honest critique there won’t be improvement!

Then I won’t be changing the link :upside_down_face:

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i dm’ed you on insta with my review :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Still looking for more reviews :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’ll check out your first episode now. :wink:

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I’m happy to help if you’re still looking, I provide honest, very in-depth feedback, I do charge a small fee for this, but that’s due to the amount of time I put into the process. Should you wish to know more, you’re welcome to reach out to me, or visit my thread!

Cheyara’s Proofreading Thread

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