Beta Read My Story

Hi! I’m at the beginning of creating my first story on Episode (been writing the story for years but wanted to share it on Episode) and while waiting for my cover to be approved, I would really appreciate some beta readers to give me some feedback on my story. I have 3 chapters completed and part of chapter 4. My story is a werewolf romance BUT there is some trigger warnings of abuse and violence so keep that in mind. It’s called “The Wolf Who Saved Me”. I would just like some general feedback about the storyline and characters and all that and if it’s a story that you would continue to read or are just not that into. Also keep in mind, this story started out as a novel-ish type of book so there is quite a bit of narration and the characters are non customizable and there are no choices to keep it true to how my story goes BUT I am willing to add some limited customization and maybe some outfit choices if necessary to keep readers interested. Let me know and I will PM you the story link! Also if any of you have stories you would like beta read, I’m willing to read them as well! Thank you!!

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