Beta Reader Exchange ~I help you, you help me :)~

Hey! I have an unpublished four chapter story that I’d really like someone to read through and give me tips on before publishing! In exchange, I’d be more than willing to read through your unpublished/published story for editing/review! I’m not looking for a R4R, because it’s not published yet and I really want the criticism/feedback.

Specifically, I’m looking for someone to read through my entire story (about 15 minutes in total) and give me advice on how engaging it is, if the directing needs to be fixed, and other narratives flaws.

I’m very good with grammar/editing, so I can help you with that!

Thanks :sparkling_heart:


I’ll do it, since I’m in dire need of some constructive criticism on my unpublished story.
Is there anyway you can send the script to me?

I’m having the exact same problem!
I’m actually stuck with writer’s block at the mid-beginning of chapter 3, so I would love to to do a beta reading in exchange for a little bit of help

I messaged you , let me know if you still want a beta reader :slight_smile:

I’ll do it as well!

Hey ! Let me know if you still need someone else to take a look!
i’m kind off in the same position, so i woud love to take a look for ya!