Beta Reader for first episode?

Hey there! So I am a chapter into my Thriller story entry and I just need some feedback! Also, I’ve been having trouble with my overlays.
I’ve been writing my story on my computer and the overlays work fine. They go in the direction I send them and work perfectly. Although, when I view my story on my phone they do not work. The overlays do not do what they are told. It mostly happens with shifting.
But in any case I’m just looking for some feedback.
I haven’t created any splashes yet or anything so it’s purely the story. Pm me or drop a comment if you are interested!


So you want us to read your first episode?

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I’m curious, I want to see :eyes:

Yes, just to test it out.

Alright! I’ll pm you the link.

Ok I would love to see it!


I’m a picky reader- if you’d like me to, I’d love to read and give my opinions!

Sure! I am too lol

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