Beta Reader Or Readers Needed

Good Morning/Night Episode Forums, I’m looking for some Beta Readers for my first story because I found plenty of Proofreders for the grammar after the episode is complete.

I’m looking for honesty, and respectful criticism for my story because I really want to publish a story for the first time. I’m definitely down to make any changes , add scenes or make scenes longer if needed.

*Please read! If you’re willing to be a beta reader for me , I will inform you I can’t pay for your services. The only way I can, is simply just crediting you at the end of every episode until my story ends unless, you’re willing to read every story I write I will credit every time. Last thing is I will pm about my story with the description but I must say it may not make up for what my story is about because of the lack of weather effects we have so I had to go with what we had.

So if you’re willing to be a Beta Reader I would really appericate it so much.

Hello! I’m interested, if you’d like to dm me on here or my Instagram @episode.kinsley

Hi I am also interested. Feel free to pm me on here.

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I can help you as well if you need! :slight_smile:

Hey :wave:
I’m willing to help if you still need it!!

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