Beta Readers for episode 1 Of My story [Slots Full]

Hi, I need a few beta readers. Trying to make my love interest more appealing in the first episode. I want to create a romance story outside of the typical episode stories.


  • He’s not a bad boy character, so don’t expect someone dominant, aggressive or controlling :sweat_smile: cause it’s not a bad boy story.
  • It’s an adventure tale where the lead character has a more dominant personality and the love interest is a sweet guy, so it’s not your typical Episode story or romantic dynamic.
  • Also, this is a slow burn romance and the leads are best friends (MC & LI).

If you’re interested, please let me know. I need a mix group of people. So far I have enough beta readers that like bad boys, right now I need 1 beta reader who likes soft/sweet boys. I need serious, detailed critiques and I’m willing to pay.


Bad Boys: Full
Soft/Sweet Boys: Full


Hi! I’m totally willing to beta read for you! I love softer male love interests or sweet male characters in general.

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Hi!!! :smile: I would love you to beta read for you!

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Yes! can we connect on IG please?

When reading episode stories, what’s your preference: Sweet/Soft boys or Bad boys?

Yes! Feel free to message me on Instagram, my user is @hermanepisode

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I actually don’t have a preference :smile: I like both types, and I find it interesting read both types

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Hi! What is a beta reader? Thanks in advance

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Beta readers read an author’s story before they release it and give the author feedback, so the author can get a reader’s perspective of the story (like likability).

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