Beta Readers needed! (First Two Chapters!)


Hello, Episodians! I am release a DEMO for my story, Truth Behind Closed Doors. I would like your help, ideas, critiques and more about this story before continuing on. Let me know if it is too long or too short. Ask me questions in my PMs and more. Episode two is NOT complete but I wanted to share the story with you to see if I should contiune or do something new. So, please, let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

My story, Truth Behind Closed Doors, is about a young adult but successful Japanese woman. She is a music manager of a huge mutiple entertainment company. In the midst of moving into Nakameguro, Tokyo, she finds herself running into six butlers! Her fight is mighty. Her story unfold in order to meet her mother after years of being apart. Stay strong!

The story contains four love-interests. Three are temporary as some relationships don’t last. The three are only for season one, yet their story interwines with the MC from season 1-2. You can choose not to be with anyone in Episode three, but that episode is not complete yet. Don’t go there. :laughing: If you choose no love-interest, the only thing you will have to worry about is office trouble, not the double load.

The character is not “you,” but you can give her a name. She remains as a red-hair with blue eyes by birth (It’s also easier for animations and images).

In this story, the thing you think are going to happen may not actually be what it seems. Be mindful of that. Otherwise, the theme would not be butlers and… Secrets. :shushing_face:

Join in and welcome to the first two episodes of…

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Thank you to anyone who sneaks a peeks. lol
edit: sorry! Let me know if there are any long pause I may have forgotten to remove! :sweat_smile:


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Thank you very much.

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