Beta readers needed for new story

Hi everyone, I need beta readers for my unpublished story. It’s three episode long. I will need this from people willing to be a beta reader…

-Give your honest opinion
-Give some ideas to make the story better
-Check for any grammar mistakes


i can do it!

Hi! I can beta read for you for a small donation. Let me know if you’re interested :hugs:

I can do it!

Hi! I can proofread the story for you and suggest ideas to make the story more intriguing to the readers… I provide my services for free so ping me if you’d like me to do it :innocent::innocent::sparkles:

I can do it for free :blush:

Bump! Still in need of beta readers please.

I can do it

I can beta read though I can’t proofread. DM me your story if you still want me to read your story.

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I could do it but I don’t want a read for a read situation and I can’t proofread nor check the grammar for you, hope it’s okay with you

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I’m happy to help, I provide thorough and honest feedback along with suggestions on improvements, examples and corrections on any spelling/grammar errors I spot.
I do charge a small fee given the detail and time I give and spend, for more information and pricing, you can visit my thread:
Cheyara Skadi Proofreading Thread

Or DM me! :smiley:

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