Beta Readers Needed Please



I am looking for some people who would be willing to beta read my latest episodes to see if they are bug free, the grammar is alright and if the directing is okay.

If you are interested, please let me know!


Anybody? crickets chirp




Moved to Find a Writing Partner. :wink: Hopefully this helps.


Hey, I could help!


Brilliant thanks!


Awesome - so I will PM you a code when new episodes of my story will come out so you can access them as I am a bit unsure on how beta reading works on publishing stories :joy:


I can help you if you still need.


Sure, that would be great! I’ll PM you and e.mikii when I need the episode to be beta read. Thank youuu!


Gurl why you didn’t mention MEEEEE


OMGGG who hurt me though :sob::sob:


So glad y’all wanna check it out. My eyes are dead af so I need sane clear eyes looking at my new chapters ty.







I would love to help if you’d like another pair of eyes to look it over! ^^


It would be a pleasure, thanks


Yeah! :smiley: Of course! I’m happy to help!


I am up to help


Aw thank you so much guys, and because I have so many wonderful people willing I will create a group - today, I have an important question regarding the first episode and would love your ideas on it.


I see I wasn’t mentioned, okay. stares at nails.