Beta Readers please!... 3 episodes completed! (NO TICKETS NEEDED!)

Hey! I haven’t been on the forums for awhile, but I think I’m ready for my story to be read again. I’ve finished the first 3 episodes and I feel like they’re ready to be critiqued. I want beta testers to be honest (No matter how hard it might be to hear my baby is ugly :sneezing_face:) and to tell me what works and what doesn’t. Also little things like grammar :sweat_smile:.

**NOTE there is a mental health component to the story so if anything rubs you the wrong way PLEASE tell me! I don’t want to offend anyone.

I will dm you the story if you’re interested. I really appreciate anyones help!

Story Description

Romance/ Drama, Therapeutic
-Siela used to be the jolliest person anyone had known, but once something happens to her mother, her world goes grey. She is tied to her secrets and crimes without anyone to turn to. Everyone notices the life drained from Siela’s eyes, so they suggest Therapy. Little does Siela know her Therapist, Oliver, only sees red. He knows counting down from three won’t hold his temper for much longer. What happens when Oliver falls for his patient? What does Siela have to hide? Follow Siela as she navigates through a world of lies, murder, secrets, and love. LL

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Hallo, I would be interested in proofreading your story PM me the link if you’d like me to do so

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Thank you!

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