Beta readers wanted - read description pls

Hello, I am looking for beta readers for the revamp of my story.


  • Coding experience
    So that you catch any coding errors (labels and branching)
  • Aesthetics perfectionist
    Point out anything that’s off - for example: off placed speechbubbles/characters, bad zooms, looping animation that go on etc.

I have a few people proofreading the dialogues, so you can just focus on the visual and technical aspect. Unless, you spot something then let me know ofc :tulip:


ooh, i’m free rn so i guess I could help you out :heart:

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That would be great! I’ll pm you the link :tulip:

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Or wait, your profile is private. Can you pm me?

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oh yea sure!

bump :tulip:

I can help you :grin:

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Yay! Thank you :orange_heart: I’ll dm you the link

If you’re still searching - I could also have a look at it. :hugs:

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Yup! The more the better :slight_smile: I’ll dm you the link

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