Beta tester and proofreader needed

Hi, I’d love to have you test my story which I’m going to publish in 14th yes it is a contest entry

NAME: FT: Not Your Perfect Princess

DESCRIPTION: How does your life changes from that perfect fairy tale to the most frantic nightmare. Get ready for drama, suspense n slow-burn romance with 2 sexy beings. (NO GEMS)(CHOOSEGENDER)

Note this before you volunteer

Beta tester

  • You must be able to give me a feedback as harsh as possible.

  • You didn’t know about my existence before reading this thread.

  • You will be able to test the story within the next 12 hours.


  • You must have very good english (yes you must be a master in english)

I’f you’re interested in both beta testing and proofreading, it’s the best thing that could happen to me.

please please comment down if you’re interested and yeah if you have an ig account leave it down below (not mandatory at all :grinning:)


I can do it!
My instagram is @ereksonwhitney99

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hey! id love to help :))

my ig is @wtfth34 !


I’d like to help!

I can help with the proofreading if you want! I am English so I have no problems with the language
You can use @xgeorgia_xx or just the forums

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Hey! I know who you are (from the group chat on IG, I’m @maiarosewrites), but I’m still willing to help you out with proofreading and betareading. How many chapters do you need read?

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I’d love to help you out if you’d let me! I can be either a beta tester or a proof reader; doing both is also an option. I used to be an editor for my school’s paper, and I’m minoring in English, too… So I’m rather well-versed in grammar and editing. Reach out to me on here or on IG (@samaria.writes) if you’re interested in my help!

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Great I messaged all of you the link


Did you send it to me? I didn’t seem to get it :blob_turtle:

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Oh nvm, I didn’t see that you sent it on Instagram

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Hey, if need help then, I could help with beta reading and proofreading. Because I am very good in this language.

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I would love to be your proofread @blasianqueen_mcphee

@Sofia4Redfield @kyaramcphee Sorry but I got the amount of beta testers I needed
Thankyou for showing your interest

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It’s fine

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