Beta Testers For My Episode Plot

I need two people to read my story and review
I want to know about the plot things to make my story more interesting.
I would greatly appreciate it.
Beta Readers will get a shoutout and follow on insta and be credited in the story
I will also help with coding, and help with art on their story if you want
Follow my insta author.rjl


I would love to read your story and review it! :heart:

Thanks so much
heres the link

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I’m excited!!! :laughing:

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Love your attitude lol :joy:

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The link isn’t working for me! Can you please tell me your Episode name?

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Im sorry Its Villain By RJL

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I would also love to read your story and review it

I found it! Thanks…I am…oh my gosh so excited :rofl:

Omg thanks so much,
Please tell me if i need to change anything

the link hasnt been working
my story is Villain by RJL

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Ok also idk about any else but the link to your story worked for me

ok… I sent it before and people always had issues with the link so I honestly didn’t know

I don’t know I am going to read the story now what is your isg



i would love to do this for you! is it good if i message you about it on instagram?


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