Bethany's Cover Art! :)

**Title:Dancing With A Criminal
**Author (Optional):N/A
Images of Main Characters (Optional): Please upload the character in DIGITAL form, in HIGH quality,
and in the poses you want them to be in. Use a plain white background, please.

**Story Description:Your fiance abuses you so in order to numb the pain you get blind drunk everyday after work. It was the only agreement that worked in your relationship. But when you go to the club of a criminal and wake up in his bed the criminal has multiple questions for you starting with the text messages your fiance sent to you…
**Published? If not, when will it be published?:Not published will be soon!
**Large Cover or/and Small Cover:Both if possible, please
**When do you need it done by?:No specific time
**Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc):Happy
**References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional):N/A
**Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional):With Nicholas, the character with his arms crossed, could you put him further back in the scene almost as if he is watching them be happy from afar.


Nope, just for further reference.

Title: Medusee
Author (Optional): Alex V
Story Description: After turning 18, you discover that your whole life was a lie. Now, you must deal with your newfound power, investigate your parents’ death, find love and kill anyone in your path.
Genre: Fantasy
Published?: It should be published by the end of summer.
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: I’m looking for a large and small cover.
When do you need it done by?: Preferably before the end of summer.
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc): Dark
Special Requests/Additional Information: The main character needs to look like she’s wrapped in the guy’s arms just like your example cover of “Right Into My Heart” if possible. She’s got black snake hair (like Medusa) and very bright blue eyes while the guy has silver eyes and black hair. The guy also has a darker shade of skin. I attached photos of the two characters.
Password: Mozzy

Thanks in advance!!

Title: Boys Next Door
Author (Optional) : Kylee Sandoval
Images of Main Characters :

Skin- Neutral 03
Brow- Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair- Long Feathered (Black Dark)
Eyes- Female Generic (Hazel Dark)
Face- Diamond
Nose- Round Button
Lips- Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Matte)
Pose- flirt_wink_atcamera_pose


Gold 04, Straight Medium (blackJet), Deepset Heavy Lid (Green Emerald), Chiseled Square Stubbled Shaved, Round Wide, Full Heart Natural (Neutral Medium Nude Matte), flirt_coy_atcamera

Gold 02, Round Medium (Chesnut Brown), Slicked Back Solid (Chesnut Brown), Male Generic (Grey Cool), Square Jaw, Grecian Narrow, Medium Straight Natural (Beige Gold Matte), flirt_fingerbite_sexy

Story Description: It’s hard enough for Ophelia when her ex is her neighbor. It gets even more complicated when the new kid at school also moves next door.
Genre: Romance
Published? If not, when will it be published?: Yes, it is published :slight_smile:
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: Small that can be cropped to a large cover, or simply just a small cover
When do you need it done by?: Whenever works for you
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc): Happy/Romantic
References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional): N/A
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional): Could Ophelia be in the middle, Elijah on the left, and Sebastian on the right?
Password: Mozzy