Betrayed by LI?

There are some secrets my MC is trying to solve and there’re people out there trying to blackmail her and hurt her family. I want LI to somehow be involved in this but s(he) doesn’t want to do it too, s(he) is also being forced to work with the blackmailer at some point. What kind of thing can make the LI to participate in a plan that would hurt others mentally and physically? What kind of dirt could the blackmailer have on the LI?

I’m not sure about this idea but i might write it, so I need your opinions.

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Maybe the LI could have a little sister/brother and the blackmailer could say that they will hurt the little sibling?


Hmmm yes, maybe! Thanks a lot

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So…lets say blackmailer is the LI’s family member maybe his dad or etc. and the dad is trying to get revenge for something like a death that he has really done so that he wont break his family apart. so he blaed it on MC fam and now his son the next leader or whatever you wanna call must prove himself worthy so he has to attend and i wouldnt make the LI not wanna do it from the start because most readers ik life slow paced romance. so maybe make LI slowly be against the idea


Great idea! Thank you


Great idea! I do think you really need to think the plot through, because if it’s not clear the LI does not actually want to participate, the LI may become unlikable (I’m talking from experience!).

As for ideas: the LI can be blackmailed himself, which forces him to participate. Or the LI could have made a promise to a loved one to contribute to revenge (and he’ll eventually see that he is doing the wrong thing).

Good luck! :heart:

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