Better Flagging System

I find it absolutely ridiculous that if someone flags a joke per se It will get taken down. :sweat:
Don’t we have moderators who do that? Why is it that when someone doesn’t agree with what you say or like what you say (even though it complies with the guidelines) It gets taken down. :thinking:
The point is I think we should have a better filter for when someone flags a comment or topic.
This is a website where people can voice their opinions about Episode.
If this flagging system keeps at it people will get restless
If you go into a topic about a certain subject regarding episode stories you will see dozens of flagged posts. When in reality those are just opinions. That topic is meant for opinions but someone who flags for nothing goes in there and flags every comment they don’t like. This is a serious problem and should be looked at. Thank you for your time :butterfly:


The way it works now is that a moderator has to approve a community person’s flag in order for your post to get hidden… which means if one of your posts does get hidden, it’s not because someone didn’t agree with you, it’s because you broke one of the forum rules.

I found these two threads from the discourse forums particularly helpful at explaining how the flagging system actually works:


Disagree, I seen a lot of things it get flag that didn’t break the rules.


Thank you!


Then you should message one of the mods to ask them about it, like the PM you get from forum admin when something is hidden tells you to do


I’ve done that
Just waiting for an answer


Yeaaaaaah. I’m still waiting for an answer for a post that got flagged. :eyes:

It’s almost been a week since I sent my message. :woman_shrugging:t5:


I knew I wasn’t alone :face_with_head_bandage:

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this is what got flagged?


That is a perfect representation!


I’m not a mod, so I don’t know this for a fact, however I’m pretty sure emojis posted as stand alone replies can be classified as spam, which is probably what that was flagged as