Beware of hackers - Warning

Hello :blush:
Recently there have been some people that target us form the episode community on instagram. One of the hackers are using my old account @cassandraamilie.epi to do so, and just to day 17.05.2022. another episode account on instagram have been hacked her user name was epi.hyi. She made an new account and thought i had stolen hers. Her new user name is epi_hyi.
I don’t know if this is the place to put this, but i want to make sure that no one else get their account’s hacked.

I hope you want to help me get the account banned from instagram, because if you are one of the unlucky ones like myself and epi_hyi and you do get hacked, they will ask you to pay $200. The way the do approach you is telling you either you have won a unknown contest and you’ll get $1000-$2000 if you do as they say, they will ask you if you have cash app, pay pal, apple pay etc and they will use the information you have there to hack your account, by telling you to send them a screenshot of the link that have appeard on your phone from Facebook.

Of course there are other type of hackers to and they also target episode user, which they will use to hack other - one tried to hack my personal account by saying that instagram themselves had asked them to have a friend or follower to help them log in- which instagram nor facebook would never do.

I would recommend for you all to link you episode account on instagram to your personal account and double secure them both. If you have an iphone you’ll get a vertification code under passwords in your settings, and if you have android you can download an app that will give you vertification codes.

Please help me I don’t want anyone else to loose their accounts.

And I’m sorry if i have put this in the wrong section, I didn’t know where else to put it.
But if you do know, please let me know.

I do hope all of you are doing well and are having a nice morning/day/evening/night and that you’re enjoying yourself.

I thought you all should know.

Lot of Love
cassandraamilieonepisode :heart:


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Thank you so much, i was unsure if it was in the wrong section.
do you have an instagram account i can reach you on? :smiley:

This information is crucial. Bumping this!

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My intenstion wasn’t to scare anyone or to annoy anyone, all i wanted to do was to warn other on episode about the hackers so they could be safe, I don’t want anyone else to loose their episode account on instagram. I’m sorry if i did something wrong here, but i lost my own episode account on instagram due to hackers, and a 13 year old did the same yesterday.

I only wish for the others to be safe on instagram, where they can safely share stories they like and share their own stories with out being victims of hackers.

the hackers don’t have any concern about us, an somehow they target episode users.
I would appreciate any help on getting those hackers banned from instagram.

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did you possibly misunderstand? crucial means very important, and the person was essentially saying "thanks for the info, im supporting your post.


Yeah, i misunderstood. That’s easy to do :sweat_smile:
Well thanks for telling me, figured it out when i translate it. Since english isn’t my first language it’s not easy to understand all of it, i havent heard it that way before :sweat_smile:

I hope you have a nice day/afternoon/evening :blush:


Hey girl,

I reported both old accounts to Instagram. Fortunately I didn’t follow them, so it also was easy for me to block them, too. :wink:

Hope you have a nice day. Happy reading and stay safe,

Love A-W

Thank you so much, please stay safe :heart:
I hope you’re doing well to.

Have a nice day you too and happy reading to you as well :heart:


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