*Bewitched Town Of Elwood* Roles Going! {Ll}

So There Are Roles going for my new story…It is kind of based on my Rp :sunflower:Sunflower School!:sunflower:

Note If i place one of these * It means there is more info on this Person Later on in the post!

Background roles going:
person 2
Local Witch
Local Witch Assistant
Innocent By stander

Main roles :headphones:

MC friend
Mc Rich Friend
Mc Friend 2
Mc Friend 3 - :sunflower: @EtherealWitch
Bored Artist*
Famous Singer*
MC Girl Friend/Boy Friend
Mc Sister
Witch MC Friend - :star: @classycherries
More Soon

Bored Artist - A Talented young person, we has nothing more to do but hangout with others and draw, of course you would do favors for people but, for some people you dislike, would be out of the question for you to talk to them -Dislikes The Singer-

Famous Singer - A Young Person who was best friends with an artist, of course they had fallen out over something that happened, the singer had pretended their friends art was theirs, and was very popular with the post you made Of Social Media

What i need to make your character!

Character Details + Extras (Antlers, demon horns etc for extras)
Something They Like
Something they hate
One thing they must wear
what they are (Their Creatures)

Tag who you may think would be interested!


Can I send you my OC? This seems interesting!

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i can send you my drive and if you like someone from there i can send you other info if you want. x

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Of Course! As long as you also add the required Things! @EtherealWitch

Please Do, also pm the other information! @classycherries

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Also @EtherealWitch @classycherries What roles are your Ocs?

here is my drive. if you like any character from here, tell me and i’ll send other info🖤

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@classycherries I will be using your girl oc! What role and creature wuld you like her to be?

The Oc That represents you!}

Character Details + Extras (Antlers, demon horns etc for extras):
Skin: Gold 01
Brow: Arched Natural (Ginger Red)
Hair: Messy Sock Bun (Ginger Red)
Eyes: Round Medium (Dark Hazel)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Round Flat Top Skin (Pink Beige Matte)
Extras: Freckles Heavy (00-03); Dragonfly Faerie Wings Chitin Green Mint

Something They Like:
The smell of flowers (and spring in general)

Something they hate:
Winter, cold, colorless things

One thing they must wear:
Diamond Cluster Earcuff Earring Emerald (green gems in general, they are her lucky charm!)

What they are (Their Creatures):
She’s a pixie!

I’d see her being the Bored Artist (but she could also be a simple Innocent By stander if you had something else in mind)

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For the role @EtherealWitch I had her be the friend since i see her fitting this ocs personality

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That’s great too! Thank you!

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Also…Whats the ocs name? :sweat_smile:

Character Details + Extras
you have seen it in my drive, i don’t think she needs any extras.
Something They Like
cloudy and chilly weather, reading, writing, silver color
Something they hate
hot weather, sand, to be in spotlight
One thing they must wear
Starry Choker Black Gold — it makes her feel connected to the space! (you can remove it if it doesn’t fit with your story tho)
what they are (Their Creatures)
hmm a witch i guess?
local witch maybe? i’m totally okay if you want to change that tho!

i hope i wrote right things:)

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Ups :joy:
You can call her Dawn!

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@classycherries @EtherealWitch is there anyone you think would be interested

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Honestly I don’t know a lot of people here…
But bump!

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