Beyond Control (Upcoming story)

HELLO! I’m new to the Episode community and I’m doing a story that would be out maybe by the end of the year lol. This story was planned during the summer and it still is lol. It’s a Supernatura Story where there’s adventure, action, and drama. This story was inspired by many amazing stories on Episode!:two_hearts:

I really want it to be different when it comes to the MC being a supernatural and her relations with the people around her. So that’s taking some time as well. Since I’m mostly a perfectionist, I’m slow and it takes time when it comes to certain things.
You can imagine my notebooks being messy and separated with many things.

There will advance zooms, spot directing, and other features.
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For updates and future contests for story covers & character contests (to be in my story)

I’ll post the description & story features soon.
I’m planning on doing a “cover contest” or someone who is willing wanting to put their art in my story. (Don’t worry, it’s just ONE CHARACTER I need to the small/large cover)
If you are an artist and are interested plz let me
know and we can plan out. No rush and would give full credit!