Bg and ol approvals

I uploaded my bgs and ols about 2 days ago, why is it taking so long to get them approved?

I have no clue…
Same thing has been happening with me, and it’s very frustating.

There is a contest going on called FT meaning Fairy Tale contest, backgrounds/overlays usually take some time to get approved. Though everything should be approved by tomorrow since Thursday is the clothing update, so hopefully everyting will be approved by tomorrow or today, just keep checking your email.

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Just remember that we’re in December. It’s nearing to the holidays. Therefore a lot of people will be in vacation. Next week definitely I am sure that it will take longer to get approved since it will be Christmas.
I’ve noticed that things get approved around 5pm GMT-4 Atlantic standard Time (Not sure if I wrote this correctly) on mondays, wednesdays and fridays.
Don’t worry your stuff should get approved on or before Friday since they try to clear any backlog before the weekend starts.
So just some advice though, submit all your backgrounds and overlays this week before saturday.

Please note that this is my opinion, don’t take it too serious lol

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Ah ok thanks for the info, all my stuff has been approved

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