BG characters for my story (CLOSED)

Hey guys, I need a couple of background characters for the last scene in the sixth chapter of my story. The story is called “Big Changes” and it’s my first one, so if you decide to participate or read my story, please don’t judge me :joy:

Whoever wants to participate can write me a private message or simply comment. I will then ask how you want your character to be customized. Some of the BG characters will say something, so if you wish to say something specific, then please tell me to do so. (view scene topic below)

When that’s done, your character will be put in the following scene:

MC’s older brother is currently in rehab, and he’s found friends there. He will have a conversation with some of them, and will afterward try to call his sister

I don’t need many people, so when I have enough participants I’ll close this topic. I’m also still not sure how many characters I will be using.

It depends. My story may not be very popular, but I will make sure to give everyone who’s helping me a shout-out. I will put your username on the Episode chapter and my IG story. To those who wish a shout-out on here or another platform, please inform me! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me, I’ll gladly respond!

Have a nice day/evening and stay safe everyone, love y’all and thanks for everything in advance! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, I have a google drive full of characters. Feel free to use any of them for your story


Oh wow, thank you so much!


If you needed character
You could choose any role you like
Yes you can use them again in the future of more of your stories

Daisy Character

Screenshot (767)

Daisy is Yarissa sister
Daisy age is 24
Daisy is bisexual
Daisy is single
Daisy races; she is Mexican
Daisy loves: her family and friend and she love to be annoying to her sister
Daisy friend are: Gustavo, Landon, Luke, Yarissa

Yarissa Character

Screenshot (770)

Yarissa is Daisy sister
Yarissa age is 27
Yarissa is Straight
Yarissa races; she is Mexican
Yarissa is in a relationship with Martin Jr
Yarissa loves: her family and friend and she love to be annoying to her sister
Yarissa friend are: Daisy and Martin Jr

Martin Jr Character

Martin Jr is dating Yarissa
Martin Jr age is 25
Martin Jr races; he is Mexican
Martin Jr he is Straight
Martin Jr he is in a relationship with Yarissa
Martin Jr he loves: this family and friend and he love to be annoying to Yarissa and to Daisy
Martin Jr friend are: Yarissa

Gustavo Character

Gustavo age is 22
Gustavo, he is Straight
Gustavo, he is single
Gustavo, races; he is Mexican
Gustavo he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice Daisy
Gustavo best friend is: Daisy

Landon Character

Landon age is 26
Landon, he is Straight
Landon, he is single
Landon races; he is White
Landon he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice
Landon has a crush on Daisy
Landon best friend is: Daisy
Landon he has a twin brother: this name is Luke

Luke Character

Luke age is 26
Luke, he is Straight
Luke, he is single
Landon races; he is White
Luke he loves: this best friend and he is sweet and shy and nice, rude sometimes
Luke also has a crush on Daisy
Luke best friend is: Daisy and Landon
Luke, he has a twin brother: this name is Landon

My Instagram at daisy.rodriguezepisode for daisy, Gustavo, Landon, Luke Characters and tag my sister Characters with her boyfriend card at Instagram tag me when you published your story also you could change any outfits you like :smiley:


You can use my characters if you want. I don’t mind in which way you use them. :yay: (I’ll write down the things that are important and you should know tho :sweat_smile:)

(Julia and Gabriel are the parents of Levine and Rachel and they are married. Rachel and Levine are sisters with age difference so no twins or only one year between them)

(You don’t have to make them a couple. They actually are, but Liam is only the Episode version of one of my favorite anime characters, which I absolutely love the most. :see_no_evil: :rofl:)


Personality: Outgoing, fun, smart, strong, kind, and enjoy teasing people

Boyfriend: Kai


Personality: Easygoing, fun, funny, chill, silly, hangout, and charming

Girlfriend: Ayame

Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, badass, fighter, and dislike people telling her what to do


Personality: Unfriendly, quiet, blunt, loner, smart, sleeper, hacker, gamers, and dislike annoying people

Personality: Cute, Cheerful, clumsy, airhead, crybaby, sometimes dumb, and friendly



Personality: Serious, composed, intimidating, strict, sadist, sporty, smart and enjoy punishing people

Credit me by Ayu-chan or @Ayu


Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

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I’m okay with giving you the creative freedom with clothes, roles etc. I really don’t mind and if you have any questions lmk!
Credit: schittwriter
I also won’t be sad if you decide not to use him, it’s your story after all. :blush:


Yooo I ain’t good with anime, but the kind of spikey hair and that scar seem familiar?? I was thinking of Sting Eucliffe, but the eye color? Eeeeeehhhhh :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Ah you’re close. :rofl: At least the anime is right. Although the scar of Sting isn’t like on his eye, it’s higher along his eyebrow. I think there’s only three or four characters with scars over their eyes if I remember correctly, but if you know how they look, you know which one is the reference to Liam. :rofl: :see_no_evil:

just a little reference

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so cool @Sarah07

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You mean my husband or the character cards? :rofl:

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Both :blob_hearts:

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