BG Characters Need For A Story :)

Pick a role for your character and send your details, and how you would like to be credited.

  • Models (at least 5, Males and Females)
  • Salesperson Workers (at least 3, Males and Females)
  • Fashion Team (at least 5, Males and Females)
  • Photographer (Male ONLY, 1 needed)
  • Fiance (1 Female)
  • Friend’s of the MC (at least 2)
  • News Reporters (at least 5, Males and Females)
  • News Photographers (at least 3, Males and Females)
  • Customers in a store ( at least 3, males and females )

Hm, I’m still thinking of more roles, but these will do for now.


Fiance, maybe?

  • Gold 5
  • Female Generic
  • Arched Thin
  • Black Dark
  • Natural Afro
  • Black Dark
  • Female Generic
  • Brown Black
  • Round Soft
  • Grecian Soft
  • Full Round Pouty
  • Rose Medium Nude Gloss
Outfit (if necessary)
  • Rectangular Reading Glasses Grey Black Plastic
  • Choker Jewel Square Diamond White
  • Thin Spaghetti Strap Dress Cotton Holographic
  • V Neck Knit Crop Top Cotton Complex Color (Blue Sky)
  • Clear Strap Lace Up Heels Plastic Complex Color (Cool White)

U can credit me on Insta :TheeLexi.writes
or episode: Thee Lexi

Fashion team or model you can tag me @haze_epis

Arched natural (black)
Natural long curly hair (black)
Defined natural
Copper 5
Deepset downturn (black)
Full heart
And for an outfit, anything
Also you can just tag my insta; monaeb.epi

News Reporter


Body: Plus Size - Rose 03
Brows: Arched Natural - Dark Black
Hair: Long Feathered - Dark Black
Eyes: Deepset Downturned - Brown Black
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button
Lip: Full Round Flat Top Skin - Pink Beige Gloss

you can use my instagram @/ale.pon.episode

Friend’s of the MC.:cowboy_hat_face:


You can use my Instagram: @phoenix.brunet.

Maybe as a friend of the MC , would love to read your story . Just credit me by using my forum name .

  • Avoid dresses on her please
  • Dresses up in dark colors such as Black, red, purple, and sometimes dark blue
  • Extras: Dagger rib tattoo, Compas thigh tattoo, and Scar Forehead X 8-10

Credit instagram @ryder_epii

I would love to be a dead inside salesperson!

Body (you can change the color of eyes and skin and hair if you want...just make sure the eyebrows match lol)
  • Female Generic Ash 01 (feel free to change the skin tone to something else light)
  • Straight Medium Black Dark eyebrows
  • Wavy Long Aqua Blue Hair
  • Female Generic Ice Blue Eyes
  • Round Soft face
  • Round Button nose
  • Small Heart Royal Blue Gloss lips (you can change the lips color, too!)
Outfit (feel free to use or edit)
  • Thick Framed Nerdy Frames Plastic Blue Cyan
  • Slip On Canvas Blue Navy
  • Freckles Heavy (00-03)
  • Ring Necklace Metal
  • Belted High Waisted Distressed Jeans Denim
  • Basic Pull Over Hoodie Cotton Complex Color (color: Blue Sky)
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Friend of MC or model, can be changed if need be ahaha

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Good luck with your story! x


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I don’t know who you still need lol

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