Bg characters needed

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LL 2
Name: Tasha


My characters details:

Name: Tasha Evans

Story: When your away

Body Skin & Body Shape: Copper 2 Athlectic body

Hair and Hair Color: Hair flip Black dark

Eyebrow & Color: Arched Thick & Black dark

Face shape: Diamond

Nose: Upturned

Lips & Color: Full round pouty & Peach

Eyes & Eye Color: Slender & Color Hazel

Credit mo on IG @Episodenikkiac

Personality: Loyal. Brave. Nice. Love her best friend Milly because she was always there for her Her parents died in a car accident and she’s all she has left. Stands up for the weak even if she can’t stand up for herself. Age 20.

Story name: When your away

You can credit me with IG
My card name @Nikki774

Can you also tell me with names the outfit parts
What is this character in your story
What do you mean by card name?

You can choose any outfit!

  • IG handle
  • Way of creadit
  • The character’s character
    Humourous, intelligent, sweet, confident and adorably honest (Meaning she can’t lie even if she tries)
  • If your character is from a story you can also tell me which, I’ll do an IG shoutout and metion it in my story
    She is from one of my stories, but it ain’t out yet so no need
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My details :blush:

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Body : female generic
Skin : Neutral 02
Face shape: soft heart
Eyes: female generic (dark brown)
Nose: round button )
Lips: full round pouty (red matte)
Hair: long voluminous curls (dark black)
Brows : arched thick (dark black)

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Thank you!!
Can you also send me everything else ?

Hello! This is my outfit (Story number 3 Style: College) I will be replying to this with another outfit for story number 2! You can credit me by using epi.raven on episode forums! She has a very bubbly personality and has a twin named Alice, she loves to study 24/7 and doesn’t really care about men.