Bg music that fits a funny scene?

Hi so I’m trying to find music on the portal that can fit a ridiculous but funny scene and can’t find anything that is fitting! I tried using ‘humorous tunes’ I found from another topic on the forums but it was too outdated and didn’t help out much.
Can someone please help? Maybe list some you know that could be used for a funny scene.
And one of the character’s is pretty annoyed by what’s happening in the scene… What tune would be fitting for this?

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Back and forth is good for awkward scenes. :wink:

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Here’s a really handy post where someone very kindly organised all the sounds/music into categories.

There’s also this post below with just music.


I used this topic to help me out but is it not a little outdated since it was made years ago?

The first one they linked is pretty recent as well as this one down below :blush:

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Thank you so much​:sparkling_heart: I’ll check it out! :relaxed:

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